Conserve Land on Your Tax Return

December 27, 2012

This tax season, every Georgian has an easy and unique way to contribute to the state’s rich natural resources -- on their 2012 state income tax return. By filling in line 29 of your Georgia Income Tax Form 500 (or 500-EZ), you contribute to a program that preserves farms, forests, waterbodies and greenspace all across the state.

All funds donated to the Statewide Land Conservation Program are distributed on a competitive basis to projects throughout Georgia. Funds are matched with dollars from landowners, cities, counties and non-profit organizations to permanently preserve sensitive tracts of land with high conservation value. Thus far, the program has utilized tax checkoff proceeds to help protect over 34,000 acres at a cost of only about $9 per acre! That’s pretty good leverage and a great return on the taxpayer’s investment.

Through their checkoff donations, taxpayers can help leave a legacy of natural lands for generations to come by giving to the Statewide Land Conservation Program. So fill in the Land Conservation Program box on your 2012 tax form and give until it hurts!

To review a list of all state-funded land conservation projects that have protected more than 275,000 acres since 2005, please view the Endorsed Projects tab of the GLCP website: Visit for more information on the income tax donation option.

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